The social tariff is a discount granted by operators on the fixed telephony bill or the fixed Internet bill.

To benefit from this social tariff, certain conditions have to be met. The complete provisions regarding social tariff beneficiaries are laid down in Article 22 of the Annex to the Act of 13 June 2005 on electronic communications.


Applications for the social tariff need to be submitted to your operator. Your operator will check whether you fulfil the granting conditions; it will inform you of the possible discounts, depending on your tariff plan.

How to apply for the social tariff?

The applicant has to contact the operator of his/her choice among the social tariff providers.

The request is then forwarded to BIPT which checks whether the applicant meets the conditions to get the social tariff. BIPT informs the operator whether the case has been accepted or refused.

The operator then applies the social tariff for the first date of payment of the subscription fee following the request.

BIPT may contact in writing the applicant for further information.

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