A contract summary must be given to the consumer and by default to any company or non-profit organisation which does not exceed the yearly average of 49 employees, at the latest before the conclusion of the contract (except in the case of objective technical reasons).

This summary must be readable and as concise as possible. The contract summary highlights the most important information the consumer or end-user needs to compare offers and make an informed choice.

This information includes:

  • the name, address and contact details of the operator, as well as the contact details to lodge a claim; 
  • the main features of the service; 
  • the respective activation costs of the service as well as the recurring or consumption-related costs; 
  • the duration of the contract and the conditions for its renewal and termination; 
  • the extent to which the products and services are adapted for disabled end-users; 
  • the speeds of the internet services and the possible means of recourse if these speeds are not met.

When the contract summary is not given prior to the conclusion of the contract, the contract shall only enter into force when the consumer or other end-user who has not waived its protection confirms his agreement after having received the summary.

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