Purchases in the European market

Radio equipment that is placed on the EU market is presumed to meet the requirements. Market surveillance authorities such as BIPT ensure that only the radio equipment that is in conformity is placed on the market.

However, the buyer must always be careful and check if the equipment he or she buys bears the CE marking and comes with the EU declaration of conformity of the manufacturer. 

Online purchases or purchases outside the EU

If you buy equipment outside the European market, you may be considered as an importer. In that case, you must guarantee that the equipment is: 

  • destined for the EU market; 
  • in conformity with all the legal requirements.

If that is not the case, the radio equipment is subject to seizure and you will be liable to prosecution by the regulatory authorities.

Be careful! You may sometimes think that you buy merchandise online via a company or a person that is located in the EU. However, that person may actually just be an intermediary ordering merchandise from outside the UE market. It is thus advised to be attentive to the origin of the equipment.

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