If you have not paid your bill the operator has to warn you before discontinuing the services.

The first written reminder is free of charge. The fees for subsequent written reminders must not exceed 10 euro.

Mind you: a text message sent by your operator as a reminder, can also count as a written reminder.

In addition, the operator may charge you penalty interests on the delayed payment. That interest must not exceed the legal interest.

Different rules (other than the Telecom Act) apply to the non-payment of amounts for a TV service. The operator may apply different terms and conditions for the first reminder, reminder fees and interests.

Before completely stopping the service the telephone service operator has to provide a restricted service to you without charging extra fees.

  • Does this involve an operator providing you with a telephone number?

In which case you should still be able to call at least the emergency services

Instead of this restricted service, a mobile telephony operator may also change the subscription into a prepaid card scheme.

  • Does this involve an operator providing you with a fixed Internet service?

This Internet service provider must still give you access to an upload and download speed which is as fast as the one you get when your included Internet volume is used up. 

If no action is taken in that respect, the speed may be reduced to 256 kilobits per second.

The limited service is an intermediary step. The operator must keep it only for as long as necessary to receive prompt payment.

The operator cannot set up the restricted service if you argue a fee. A condition is that you pay the uncontested part in due time. 

In order to restore a normal service after an interruption of the services, the operator may charge you a maximum of 30 euros. 

Finally, in case of fraud or persistent non-payment (e.g. second non-payment after a previous interruption of the service in the same year), the operator can stop all services immediately.

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