Update 03/05/2024

In March 2023, a European safeguard procedure initiated by Elsäkerhetsverket (ESV), the Swedish electrical safety authority, led to a ban on the sale and installation of the “Easee Home” and “Easee Charge” chargers, as well as the obligation to remedy failures of the charging stations already installed.
The BIPT followed the decision of its Swedish counterpart ESV, which meant that the products “Easee Home” and “Easee Charge” were also banned from sale in Belgium, and that the manufacturer had to take corrective action for charging stations already installed at customers’ premises.

On 22 April, the Swedish electrical safety authority issued a press release stating that the implementation of measures on charging stations of the already installed “Easee Home” and “Easee Charge” models is not necessary.
The BIPT agrees with this decision. This means that it is also not necessary to apply measures to charging stations already installed in Belgium. In other words, these charging stations can continue to be used.

For the Swedish electrical safety authority, the risk of serious failure is so low that it is not appropriate to require measures to be taken on charging stations already installed. 

Users of these products are asked to remain alert to any defects in their charging station, and to report any problems to the manufacturer.

The Swedish authority ESV has also indicated that the sale of the charging stations “Easee home” and “Easee charge” remains prohibited. Consequently, the BIPT also confirms that the sale in Belgium of these two models of charging stations remains prohibited.


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