Professional radio users can apply for a licence by means of a request form, which, upon approval, authorises them to use radio equipment.

This professional use includes different applications that, depending on the legal provisions in force, can be invoiced in different manners. Should you wish to have an idea of the cost of a licence, you can always use our simulator.

It usually takes at least 1 day to process an urgent request, up unto several weeks for the sizeable cases. If a request is submitted late, however, excess administrative costs shall be charged so it is better to submit your request well in advance.

In the tabs on the right you will a survey per application, including the request form, the simulator file, as well as the contact details to contact the Radio Licences Department.


BIPT - Licences Department
Ellipse Building C
Boulevard du Roi Albert II 35 box 1
B-1030 Brussels
Tel: +32 (0)2 226 88 15

Should you wish to cancel an existing licence, you need to follow this procedure:

Mode of waiver

The waiver must always be in writing.

  • By post

If a simple letter is enough, it is recommended to send the waiver via registered mail. Indeed, its receipt includes the exact date of the registered mail item, which is sometimes not mentioned anymore in conventional mail.

  • By e-mail

In this case, the e-mail must be electronically signed.

In any case, the signatory must be a duly authorised person.

Relevant date

  • For a waiver by post

The date of the postmark (or the date indicated by any other mail delivery company). If the date is missing or unreadable, the date of receipt by the BIPT is taken into account.

  • For a waiver by e-mail

The date of receipt of the e-mail.

  • Later date

In both cases, it is possible to request the cancellation of an authorisation at a later date.


  • Fee

The reimbursement is prorated based on the number of days remaining and made via a credit note. A minimum of 30 days is to be paid.

Reimbursement does not apply to authorisations of the 7th category.

For a temporary authorisation, the complete reimbursement is possible if the waiver comes into effect the day before the expected date of the beginning of the event at the latest.

  • Application fees

Application fees are not reimbursable under any circumstances.

Authorisation documents

As soon as the waiver is effective, authorisation documents are null and may therefore no longer be used.


The intended purpose of deactivated equipment has to be communicated to the BIPT. If it is kept for future use, a holder’s licence must be applied for.

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