The discounts are laid down in Article 38 of the Annex 1of the Act of 13 June 2005 on electronic communications.

Several hypotheses are summarised in the table below:

Categories of beneficiaries Single discount for the installation Monthly discounts
  Fixed telephone connection Subscription fee Communications (fixed, bundle of the subscription fee operator) Total amount of discounts (max. per month)
+ 65 years, disabled, hearing-impaired persons, laryngectomee, military war blinded 50% of the standard price Fixed, Internet or bundle 40% (max. € 8.4) € 3.1* € 11.5
Ssocial integration income receivers  / Internet : 40 %
(max. € 8.4)
€ 3.1

€ 11.5 (if Internet)

or € 3.1

* NB: if you pay the subscription fee and the communications to two different operators, only the operator providing the communications grants a maximum discount of € 11.5 on the calls.

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