It is important that persons with a handicap can be provided with electronic communications equipment adapted to their specific needs.

Therefore, you will find a link to the GARI database. This database includes an overview of mobile equipment (phones, tablets...) and mobile apps that makes electronic communications services more accessible to users with a handicap.

The database can be easily consulted: the user is required to indicate in a list which specific requirements have to be met by the equipment. Based on the features ticked off, the database shows the user the equipment which best fits with his or her particular needs. The classification of the equipment displayed is such that the best suited equipment is shown first, followed by the equipment meeting expectations to a lesser extent.

The database includes current devices of the main manufacturers of mobile equipment for consumers.

The database can be consulted in more than 10 languages including French, Dutch and German.The use of the database is free. No identification, registration or login is required.

The MMF GARI database is not managed by BIPT. Therefore BIPT cannot guarantee the accuracy of the data about the equipment displayed. BIPT denies liability with regard to the accuracy of the information about the equipment shown and with regard to downloading or using inaccurate or misleading information regarding this issue.

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