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Ellipse Building C
Boulevard du Roi Albert II 35 box 1 
1030 Brussels
Telephone 02 226 88 88
Fax   02 226 88 77
Business number: 0243.405.860

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You can also send your questions directly to our departments:

stts@bipt.be For questions on the former social telephone tariff (applications before 01/03/2024).
info.eco@economie.fgov.be For questions on the new social Internet tariff (applicable from 01/03/2024)


postalsector@bipt.be For your questions regarding the postal sector
ram@bipt.be For your questions regarding amateur radio
maritime@bipt.be For your questions regarding maritime radio communications
licencesradio@bipt.be For your questions regarding radio communications licences 
examen@bipt.be For your questions regarding examinations
boekhouding@bipt.be For questions on the billing
DSA@bipt.be For questions on the European legislation on online platforms
TCO@bipt.be For all your questions regarding the EU Regulation on addressing the dissemination of terrorist content online



logo complaints regarding BIPT's services

For complaints regarding BIPT’s services

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