Depending on the beneficiary’s situation, one or several of the following documents are necessary:

  • a copy of the most recent assesstment notice (Avertissement-extrait de rôle Impôt des personnes physiques et taxes additionnelles/Aanslagbiljet personenbelasting en aanvullende belastingen) sent on a yearly basis by the FPS Finance, for all persons over 18, domiciled at the beneficiary’s address;
  • a certificate of the payment of family allowances, obtained from the family allowances fund;
  • a certificate indicating that the beneficiary has a handicap of at least 66%; this certificate is available at the mutual insurance fund (mutualité/ziekenfonds) or at the FPS Social Security - DG Disabled persons;
  • a certificate of the household composition obtained at the municipal administration (service Population/dienst Bevolking) of the beneficiary;
  • a copy of the ruling (of the justice of peace or of the youth court) indicating that the grandchildren have been entrusted to the beneficiary by a legal decision;
  • a copy of a CPAS/OCMW certificate proving that the beneficiary receives the social integration income in accordance with the Act of May 26, 2002;
  • a certificate and an audiogram of from the otorhinolaryngologist ear, nose and throat specialist proving a minimal hearing loss of 70 dB for the best ear;
  • a certificate of from the ear, nose and throat specialist otorhinolaryngologist proving that the beneficiary has undergone a laryngectomy;
  • a certificate of from the DG Victims of war of the FPS Social Security proving that the beneficiary is a military war blinded.
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