Are you getting a subscription for a fixed line, a mobile phone, Internet or a bundle including mobile telephony, Internet and television? Or are you buying a prepaid card? In these cases your telecom operator has to provide you with information: 

  • on your subscription or prepaid card;
  • on all costs you have to pay;
  • on other, cheaper formulas. 

You are entitled to the following information on your subscription or prepaid card

  • What does it entail and what are the terms and conditions? For instance: How long do you have to wait for your connection
    • Which networks can you use? For instance fixed or mobile networks.
    • Which services can you use? For instance telephone, Internet or television.
    • How much can you download? How fast can you download?
    • Which modem or other devices do you need? 
  • How can you reach the customer service in case of a problem? 

You are entitled to detailed information on the price. The operator has to let you know exactly what you pay for: 

  • the standard rate;
  • the special rates;
    • the promotional rate,
    • the price for short text messages, for instance for games or televoting
    • the price for premium rate numbers, for instance 070 numbers and 0900 numbers 
  • the costs to install your device, for instance: installation of the modem;
  • the costs you have to pay when cancelling the subscription;
  • all other possible costs.

That way you don’t pay for something you don’t want.  

You are entitled to switch subscriptions with the same operator free of charge once a year. That is why it has to be easy to compare your subscription with other subscriptions

  • Each operator has to draw up an A4 sheet per subscription, both on paper and digitally that lists all characteristics of the subscription. This way you can easily compare all subscriptions. 
  • Each operator has to log the characteristics and price of each subscription on the tariff simulator
  • Once a year your operator has to let you know which subscription is the cheapest for you. To that effect the operator uses your user profile. That profile registers whether or not you call a lot, whether or not you send a lot of text messages, whether or not you use a lot of mobile data ... 

You can also ask the operator yourself whether there are cheaper subscriptions that match your profile. The operator has to answer your question within 2 weeks. 

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