The information below is taken from the Strategic Plan 2020-2022.

Consultation and dialogue with stakeholders are essential elements of a socially responsible organisation.


A vision enables an organisation to define what it upholds. This vision describes an ambitious image of the future. BIPT expresses it as follows:

“A reliable and competitive communications environment for everyone.”

This vision reflects in a brief but vivid manner what BIPT wishes to be and defend regarding electronic communications, media and postal services. 


The values of an organisation enable all the stakeholders (including its staff, customers, suppliers...) to ensure each day that all the actions it takes comply with its missions and vision.

BIPT’s values are: independence, reliability and transparency.

schematic representation of values


Strategic axes  

BIPT’s missions and vision, taking account of its values, follow 4 strategic axes.

The first three strategic axes include the external projects (competition, users, scarce resources).

The fourth axis includes internal projects aimed at improving BIPT’s functioning and making it more efficient.

Schematic representation of strategic axes


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