Amateur radio is a hobby involving radio communications; it allows to establish contact with radio amateurs worldwide. A radio amateur holding a class A operator’s certificate is also allowed to build his/her own equipment. We can say that it is a technical hobby. BIPT is charged with overseeing amateur radio in Belgium. Amateur radio differs from the CB (Citizen Band) which is not subject to authorisation.

Becoming a radio amateur

You must demonstrate certain knowledge and skills to become a radio amateur. Radio amateur exams are organised at the BIPT premises in Brussels. There is at least one session a month.

The operator’s certificate

The operator’s certificate is similar to a driver’s licence: it allows you to transmit signals as a radio amateur. The certificate is issued by the Institute, is valid for 5 years and includes a call sign. Please note that this certificate alone does not allow you to possess a station, you must also hold a station authorisation.

According to the class of your operator’s certificate, you must also follow a frequency plan.

Station authorisation

In addition to your operator’s certificate, if you possess your own equipment, you must also hold a station authorisation. If the operator’s certificate is comparable to a driver’s licence, the station authorisation is similar to the registration of your equipment.

Consultations and decisions

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