A test licence can be issued for private radio networks or stations for trials or testing. This category includes testing of new equipment, new technologies or equipment destined for export, for instance, as well as demonstrations of such types of equipment to potential buyers. 

However, verification of the proper functioning of a radio network or radio equipment does not fit in to this category. To that end, a temporary mobile licence should be applied for.

For all licence requests with a potential impact on aviation (e.g. testing radars or using aviation frequencies), the BIPT should obtain an opinion from the aviation bodies, in particular the Directorate of Aviation, skeyes and Defence.

In order to enable us to obtain these opinions on time, requests for applications with a potential impact on aviation should therefore be submitted to the BIPT’s Private Licences Department at least two weeks prior to the desired start date of use.

If this deadline is not met, we cannot guarantee that the licence will be able to be delivered on time. Moreover, the granting of a licence is always subject to a positive outcome of the technical analysis of the file.

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