The purpose of a fraudulent SMS or call is, via a vague message or a dropped call, to have you call a premium rate number in Belgium or abroad. 

For instance, if you receive an SMS from an unknown number with a message such as: "Hi, it's been a long time since you have called me. I'd like to hear from you. Call me back". 

Or, although you did not participate in any contest, "Congratulations. Your number has been chosen and you have won a prize/€3000. Call us back to know how to collect your prize

Watch out! Do not call back! 

If your phone rings once or twice and that the call seems to be dropped, do not press on the call-back function of your phone before having checked if the call is coming from a person you know.

If you do not know the number, check its structure before calling it back or do not call back.

The Belgian fixed numbers include 9 digits and begin with only one 0; the Belgian mobile numbers include 10 digits and are part of the following number series: 046xxxxxxx, 047xxxxxxx, 048xxxxxxx, 049xxxxxxx.

SMS or MMS short numbers have 4 digits. These numbers are premium rate numbers. The premium varies according to the first digit of the short number.

If you are requested to call a number starting with + or 00, you are requested to call a number abroad. Be careful! For this number a premium could be charged for an international call

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