bpost's postal network consists of the organisation of all the resources they use and, in particular, access points. These access points consist of the office network and the letterbox network. 

The letterbox network consists of the letterboxes located on the street or in the offices.

Bpost’s office network consists of a comprehensive network of postal service points comprising:

  • post offices: post offices are run by bpost and provide the full assortment of services, i.e.:
    • the basic assortment;
    • carrying out transactions with regard to the basic bank service (transfers on a payment account and cash withdrawals from a payment account, account management operations, and payment transactions, including transfers and direct debits, among which standing orders);
    • the payment of domestic postal orders;
    • the sale, refund, change and exchange of fishing licenses;
    • receiving money deposits into accounts held with bpost or other financial institutions;
    • cash withdrawal from an account irrespective of the method proposed;
    • payment of postal orders;
    • receipt of postal transfer forms for payments out of one’s own account.
  • postal stops: postal stops are contact points in which postal staff provides at least the basic assortment during a restricted number of hours.
  • postal points (or “postal shops”): establishments run by a third party in name of and on behalf of bpost.

The basis assortment provided in the postal service points consists of:

  • receiving single piece mail and individual postal parcels forming part of the universal service, with the exception of items with a declared value;
  • keeping and delivering individual registered items and individual parcels forming part of the universal service and for which a message was left;
  • sale of stamps;
  • acceptance of deposits for the account of a financial institution limited to 500 euros. Deposits at the counter are accompanied by a structured communication;
  • in so far as possible, a minimum number of wrappings for postal items and parcels that are available for sale.

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