Operators have to meet deadlines for the porting of phone numbers. If those deadlines are not met, you are entitled to compensation. The amount of compensation depends on the connection type and the delay suffered.  

When are you entitled to compensation?

Generally when the number porting is not achieved until more than one working day after the deadline initially set. The exact moment from which you are entitled to compensation depends on your quality as a customer (natural or legal person) and on whether or not you have chosen a specific date for the number porting or have expressed your wish to have the number ported as quickly as possible.   

Who can you contact to apply for compensation?

You have to contact your new operator to submit compensation claims. He will pay the compensation even if he has not necessarily caused the delay. 

Attention: claims for compensation must always be submitted within 6 months after the number porting request.  

Who is entitled to ask for compensation?

In principle only the subscriber may apply for compensation. According to the contract the subscriber is the holder of the number.  

How much is the compensation?

As the case may be: 3 or 5 EUR per day of delay and per ported number 

How is the compensation paid?

Generally the compensation is paid via the invoice or, specifically for mobile prepaid services, via the call credit.

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