• Summary table of the existing user rights

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    Summary table of the existing user rights
  • List of Telecom Operators

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    List of Telecom Operators
  • The BIPT publishes the results of its annual survey of the consumers’ perception of the electronic communications market

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    The positive trend on the market that has been observed for several years continues: consumer satisfaction has increased for the five items observed (tariffs, customer services, rights, information and billing), more specifically regarding mobile telephony.
  • Communication of the BIPT Council of 8 September 2022 on the results of a quantitative survey and a statistical analysis regarding the consumers’ perception of the Belgian electronic communications market

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    Since 2012, BIPT has a thorough survey carried out about the perception of consumers on the functioning of the electronic communications market in Belgium. The survey makes it possible to assess the level of information of the consumers, as well as the impact of the measures taken to regulate the electronic communications market. The survey results are reported annually.
  • Communication of 30 August 2022 on the use of analogue/digital channels to ensure implementation of the VHF Data Exchange System (VDES) in the programming of marine VHF radiotelephones

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    This communication replaces the communication of 24 May 2018 in order to comply with the CEPT regulation (ECC Decision (19)03 — Harmonised usage of the channels of the Radio Regulations Appendix 18 (transmitting frequencies in the VHF maritime mobile band), which provides for a “cleaning period” to ensure the end of analogue voice telephony on those channels.
  • Consultation regarding the call for projects 2022 “white areas”

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    In October 2021, Vice-Premier and Minister of Telecommunications, Mrs Petra De Sutter, launched the national fixed and mobile broadband plan (the “broadband plan”).
  • FAQ

    If these tips are not helpful you can install a technical solution to strengthen the Wi-Fi signal.

    The operators also offer such solutions (sometimes for free): therefore you can ask your operator for information about this.

    There are various technical options:

    Replace the modem

    You may still have an older modem. Consult with your operator if it would be useful to have it replaced by a more recent model.

    Newer types also support Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO), for instance. This wireless technology uses multiple transmitters and receivers to transfer more data simultaneously. This technology will not only considerably increase the speed, but also benefit the range and robustness of the connection in multipath surroundings. In radio communications a multipath refers to the phenomenon resulting in radio signals reaching the antenna through two or more paths. A multipath can be caused by reflection of the signal through reflective surfaces (metal partitions, buildings, water surfaces, ...).  

    Install a Wi-Fi repeater

    This device retransmits the Wi-Fi signal to extend the range.

    The installation is very simple: all you have to do is plug in the repeater at a location where the modem’s Wi-Fi signal is still strong enough to be retransmitted. However, if the retransmitted signal is of inferior quality (too much interference or too weak for instance) at the location of the repeater, using a repeater will not produce a good result either. If the repeater does not deliver the desired result, place it a little closer to the modem. 
    In older repeater models the available speed is halved for devices connected to the repeater. 

    Set up a Wi-Fi mesh network

    In case of mesh systems a single main router is connected to your modem. This main router forwards the signal to the accompanying modules or “satellites” (minimum of 2). The Wi-Fi signal is communicated among all those modules to form a single Wi-Fi network. 

    This solution is ideal for locations where there is no Ethernet cable and the Wi-Fi signal is not strong enough. You only need a cable that connects your modem to the main satellite. Next you place the other modules where you want a better range and the system will configure itself.

    Install an extra access point

    A “Wi-Fi hotspot” or access point is an additional wireless access point to connect equipment to the Wi-Fi, at a location where your modem’s Wi-Fi coverage is insufficient. The access point is connected to the modem by means of a network cable or through a PLC adapter (“powerline”, “powerline homeplugs”). This results in optimum speed and a stable signal.

    In the case of PLC adapters  there are models with a built-in Wi-Fi access point.  At least 2 are needed: one to plug in near your modem and a second one to plug in where you want to extend the range of the Wi-Fi signal. Combined they ensure that the Internet signal is sent from A to B. Unfortunately it may happen that the signal does not optimally reach the second powerline adapter, thus lowering the speed. There is no guarantee that you will always reach the highest speed.

    Caution: Other ways, such as amplifying the Wi-Fi signal through either an external repeater or by replacing the router’s antenna, are prohibited.

  • Decision of 23 August 2022 regarding the lack of adequate security measures taken by Telenet for its site in [confidential]

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    Decision of 23 August 2022 regarding the lack of adequate security measures taken by Telenet for its site in [confidential]
  • Microphones

    Lists of frequencies allowed for microphones and in-ear systems in a given area.
  • Opinion of 14 October 2021 on the draft Royal Decree on the radio communications network operated by ASTRID

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    Opinion of the BIPT Council of 14 October 2021 on the draft Royal Decree on the radio communications network operated by ASTRID

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