Radio amateur clubs registered with BIPT (in order of payment) can apply for a special call sign to mark an event under the following terms and restrictions:

  • The event is associated with the club’s life (special anniversary…);
  • The club participates in an event (e.g. open house in a school or a radio amateur club has a stand);
  • The event has to do with radio (e.g. Marconi’s birthday);
  • A club is not allowed to ask more than two special call signs per calendar year;
  • The special call sign cannot be used during contests;
  • For the anniversary of the club or association, the call sign can be granted for a maximum period of one year;
  • The call signs can have all the prefixes (ON, OP, OQ, OR, OS, OT);
  • They are made of a prefix, a figure, and a series of characters ending with a letter;
  • Call signs using the ON prefix (or the special prefix assigned to all the radio amateurs - see below) can not have a single digit if they have a suffix of 1, 2 or 3 letters;
  • The special call signs cannot be used in the club members’ homes.

Recognised associations (UBA, VRA, UFRC) can ask a special prefix on the occasion of a particular event and for all the radio amateurs. In that case any radio amateur who wishes to do so can replace the ON in his/her call sign by the special prefix. This authorisation does not apply to short call signs.

The tariffs for these special call signs are mentioned in the Annex 1 of the Royal Decree of 18 December 2009 on private radio communications and user rights for fixed networks and trunk networks. 

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