Radio amateurs can choose their call signs according to the following rules:

  • The call sign has to be available.
  • Regarding the class A operator’s certificate, you can choose a prefix starting with ON1, ON4, ON5, ON6, ON7, ON8 and ON9.
    For the class B operator’s certificate, the prefix will be ON2.
    For the class C operator’s certificate, the prefix will be ON3.
  • The choice of the call sign is limited to the last 2 or 3 letters.
  • A radio amateur can apply for as many call signs as he/she desires, within his/her class. Each additional call sign entails an application fee (€59,92) as well as a yearly fee (€59,92).
  • Call signs can not be reserved and are granted in order of request.
  • If a radio amateur stops his/her activities, his/her call sign (primary only) can not be granted to a third party for 5 years.
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