In the context of the struggle against the Covid-19 virus, contact tracing has become an important tool used by the government.  The tracing starts after you have been tested positive or if your general practitioner is suspecting you have the Covid-19 virus.

A public officer may contact you in several ways: by phone via 02 214 19 19, by e-mail, by mail or by SMS via 8811.

You will be contacted VIA THESE NUMBERS ONLY.  Do not respond to phone calls or messages regarding Covid-19 contact tracing from other numbers and do not click on any link mentioned in it.

It has been noted that persons with bad intentions call people who then see the number 02 214 19 19 on their phone.  The contact centre will NEVER ask questions regarding your bank details, your national register number, your schedule, ...

If the way of asking questions seems suspicious or if you do not trust the interlocutor: hang up!

For more information, visit: 
or call: 0800 14 689.

If you have been tested or if you have any symptoms, call your general practitioner first.  After consultation with the latter, call 02 214 19 19.

The same applies to messages from 8811: you will NEVER be asked to give your bank details, your national number, your schedule, ...

If a message which seems to come from the number 8811 is asking you that type of information or to click on a URL in the message, it is a FAKE message.

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