This study benchmarks the prices of the fixed and mobile services offered to residential customers (all prices mentioned are those of 1 September 2022).

In order to help consumers, the BIPT uses the example of ten “households”, ten types of users whose needs have been chosen in a varied and differentiated manner.

“Mobile-oriented” profiles



Basic mobile

Liesbeth makes little use of her mobile phone.
She is looking for a subscription covering basic monthly needs (60 call minutes and 0.5 GB data).



Moderate mobile

Mila wants a mobile subscription allowing her to reasonably do anything without worrying.
She needs at least 120 call minutes and 5 GB data.




High mobile

Mayssa uses her smartphone for everything.
She needs 10 GB data and 300 call minutes a month




Intensive mobile

Bloeme is an influencer, her smartphone is her work tool.
She needs at least 20 GB data and unlimited calls

“Fixed-oriented” profiles



Single without mobile 

Niels is a single dad who needs TV and Internet access.
His mobile fees are covered by his employer.

Anna and Gabrielle



Couple without mobile 

Anna and Gabrielle’s mobile fees are also covered by their employers.
At home, they can manage all their other needs through an Internet access (“cord-cutters”).



Student with mobiel

The telecom priority of this student is to have a cheap fixed and mobile connectivity
However, TV is not necessary.

Nadine and Jonas


Couple with limited needs

Nadine and Jonas are not big telecom users.
They only need Internet and mobile solutions with low volumes.

Arthur, Els, Nelle and Lucas


Family with moderate needs

This family wants everything: Internet, mobile, TV and fixed telephony.
However, its usage in terms of volume will remain moderate.

Bert, Izza, Pablo and Thalia


Family with high needs

This family absolutely wants Internet access, TV with a decoder and mobile with high usage volumes.

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