The Belgian telecom market is far from being uniform and there are significant differences between operators, particularly in terms of prices.

Do you know these differences? With the free BIPT tool, you can determine which services suit your needs best and compare the offers that fit them.

In order to implement this initiative, the BIPT has decided to highlight the case of ten types of users, such as Anna and Gabrielle:

  • Anna and Gabrielle’s mobile fees are covered by their employers.
  • At home, they manage their other needs through an Internet access (“cord-cutters”).

Which is the cheapest offer each operator can offer her given her profile? The answer is in the table below, created from our tariff simulator.

Q3 2022 Operator Tariff plan Average monthly cost
1 edpnet Fiber XS (without router) € 37.34
2 Mobile Vikings Unlimited Fast Internet € 38.00
3 United Telecom Surf@home VDSL € 38.38
4 Zuny Unlimited Internet + Series € 39.00
5 FASTfiber

DSL 100

€ 40.34
6 Orange Home internet € 43.64
7 Proximus Maxi € 53.64
8 VOO Solo Super Relax € 55.06
9 TADAAM TADAAM Platinum € 60.00
10 Telenet All-Internet € 61.43
11 Cybernet Cybernet DSL Unlimited € 65.88

Does this profile suit your needs? A little? A lot? Not at all?

If you want to know the offers that suit your needs best and the most advantageous prices available on the market, use our simulator.

  • Define your profile or get it from your current operator’s website, and
  • Get your results in a few clicks.

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