In the context of the Decision of the CRC of 29 June 2018 on the analysis of broadband and television broadcasting, the CRC has imposed access obligations on Proximus for its copper and FTTH networks. These access obligations are accompanied by price control obligations. The bitstream services consist of the access service (the tariffs of which are set in the “Rental fees” decisions) on the one hand and the Ethernet transport services on the other hand.

The BIPT will review the pricing of Ethernet transport, previously determined by the Decision of 13 January 2015. The complete pricing of Ethernet transport will be analysed within the framework of this review, both for local and central transport, regarding the services on Proximus’ copper network and on its optical fibre network. In order to carry out this review, the regulator has developed a new “bottom-up” cost model allowing to represent the network of an efficient operator. 

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