This decision and its complement of 18 December 2007 (concerning tariffs, among other things) designate Belgacom Mobile, Mobistar and Base as operators with significant market power on the wholesale markets for mobile call termination and therefore impose on them a series of obligations to fulfil.

Several appeals were lodged against these decisions. On 4 April 2008, the Brussels Court of Appeal suspended the complementary decision and on 30 June 2009, it partially annulled the decision of 11 August 2006 and its complement.

Following these two judgements, BIPT adopted the following decisions:

  • Decision of 29 April 2008 on MTR tariffs
  • Decision of 10 August 2010 (“renewal decision”), rectifying certain elements of the annulled decision of 11 August 2006.

KPN lodged an appeal against the renewal decision but then withdrew its action.

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