On 5 May 2014 Belgacom transmitted a proposal to BIPT regarding the adaptation of the BRUO, BROBA and WAB VDSL2 reference offers, in short BRxx, in relation to the process of splicing, the repair process and the calculation of the SLA XML Done Timer. In that new proposal Belgacom introduces the following amendments:

  • It introduces, in conformity with the BIPT Council Decision of 10 December 2013 (BRxx 2012 decision) a service guarantee (SLA) as well as a compensation for the splicing interventions carried out following a defect found in the Belgacom network.

  • Belgacom also wishes to introduce a new element of compensation through this proposal, namely the invoicing of fruitless trips of technicians in the context of the repair process.

  • Finally Belgacom wishes to adapt the SLA XML Done Timer in order to no longer take into account the Certified Technicians orders, in short CT.

The suggestions to adapt the aforementioned BRxx offers are the subject of this draft decision.

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