The drop cable linking the end-customer to the operator’s network constitutes an important element of the fixed infrastructure.

Under Article 28 of the Electronic Communications Act of 13 June 2005 another operator who wishes to roll out a new telecom network on his own account can ask access to that drop cable by means of a reasonable request.

In this draft communication the BIPT examines access to cables and associated facilities inside buildings up to the first concentration or distribution point within the framework of symmetrical measures based on Article 61(3) of the European Electronic Communications Code and Article 28 mentioned above.

More specifically, and based on the BEREC Guidelines of 10 December 2020, the BIPT examines in this document how an operator could obtain access to the drop cable on the various Very High Capacity Networks (VHCNs) in Belgium, when a reasonable request for access to the drop cable is made in accordance with Article 28.

The BIPT proposes in this draft communication a definition of what point could be considered to be the first concentration or distribution point on the various VHCNs.

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