In this seventh annual report the BIPT describes all activities it carried out in the field of net neutrality during the period from 1 May 2022 until 30 April 2023 included.

By and large the BIPT is of the opinion that so far there are no major reasons for concern in Belgium as far as open Internet access is concerned:

  • No cases of inadmissible blocking of services or applications in the network have been found.
  • As regards zero-rating, operators have converted the tariff schemes including this unacceptable practice, into offers that are compliant with the rulings of the Court of Justice.
  • As for the options for end-users the data volumes included in the ISPs’ offers, in particular for mobile products, have again increased, in order to set off the increasing data traffic. In some cases, the Fair Use Policies limits of “unlimited” Internet products increased considerably as well, prompted by the BIPT guidelines in that regard. 

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