In its annual report, the BIPT gives an overview of the past year. 

In 2023, the BIPT celebrated its 30 years of operation. The event organised to celebrate this anniversary was an opportunity to bring together the BIPT staff and all stakeholders to exchange views on the “Regulatory challenges in a new digital era”.

The BIPT is strongly involved in the preparation of the transposition and implementation of the new European digital regulation, and its competences were extended in this area in 2023.

Furthermore, the BIPT continued to carry out its own missions in the regulated sectors and contributed to numerous initiatives that will shape the future of electronic communications and postal services.

The annual report presents how the four strategic axes were translated into action via the Operational Plan 2023 and the day-to-day operation of the BIPT.

The main trends observed by the BIPT in the electronic communications, postal services and media markets are also described in the annual report.

An overview of our latest annual report is available on a specific website.

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