All you need to know about 5G

The Regions’ general brief aiming to regulate the protection of the environment also entails the power to adopt measures to prevent and minimise the risks related to the non-ionising radiation. It is therefore the Regions that define the radiation standards (standards for maximum emission) the operators have to comply with. The mobile operators are required to comply with these radiation standards, regardless of the technology they use. 

The Regions also carry out inspections in the field to verify whether the radiation standards set by them are complied with. 

For more information or to request radiation measurements, we invite you to contact your regional administration in charge:

  • Brussels Capital Region
    Brussels Environment
    Tel. 02 775 75 75
  • Flanders
    Environmental Department of the Flemish Government
    Tel. 02 553 83 50
  • Wallonia
    Institut scientifique de service public
    Tel. 04 229 82 35 (info-ISSEP) 
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