• Protection of privacy

    BIPT attaches the utmost importance to your privacy and consequently wishes to inform you as well as possible. The processing of your data will be justified based either on a legal task or a task of public interest or on the explicit consent you will be asked for. You have the right to request a copy of your personal data at all times in order to verify whether the information retained is correct and/or to correct or update this information. Provided that this is not contrary to a legal obligation/the general interest, your request shall be granted and processed.
  • Indicative list of professional tariff plans which Easy Switch applies to

    Select your previous operator to find out if your company or non-profit organisation can expect the new operator to manage the switch using Easy Switch.
  • Switching fixed operators?

    Easy Switch facilitates the switching of operators if you have at least one Internet access service or one television service.
  • ERGP press release - Stakeholders Forum 2023

    News -
    ERGP press release
  • Belgium 2023-4

    Publications › Microphone & in-ear system frequencies -
    List of frequencies allowed for microphones and in-ear systems.
  • Decision of 29 August 2023 regarding the allocation of the 40,660 MHz – 40,690 MHz spectrum to private radio stations for individual training, technical exchange of messages and studies, used by radio amateurs.

    Publications › Decision -
    Decision allowing holders of a class A operator’s certificate to use the frequency spectrum 40.66 MHz – 40.69 MHz
  • FAQ

    Belgium missed two European deadlines for the 5G roll-out in 2020: 30 June 2020, the date set for allowing the use of 5G in the 700 MHz band and 30 December 2020, the deadline for 3400-3800 MHz and at least 1 GHz in the 26 GHz band (provided there is sufficient demand from the market, which is not the case in Belgium today).

    Most European countries did make the 5G pioneer bands available:

      700 MHz 3400 – 3800 MHz
    Cyprus December 2020 December 2020
    Denmark March 2019 December 2020
    Germany Juin 2015 June 2019
    Estonia   December 2020
    Finland November 2016  October 2018
    France Novembre 2015 October 2020
    Greece December 2020 December 2020
    Hungary April 2020 April 2020
    Irland   May 2017
    Italy October 2018 October 2018
    Latvia   September 2018
    Luxembourg August 2020  August 2020
    The Netherlands July 2020  
    Norway June 2019  
    Austria September 2020  March  2019
    Slovakia December 2020 July 2017
    Espagne   July 2018
    Czech Republic January 2021 January 2021
    The United Kingdom July 2020  April 2018
    Sweden December 2018 December 2019
    Switzerland June 2019 January 2019

  • Phasing out of 3G networks

    4G and 5G technologies provide a better and faster service than 3G, so mobile operators are phasing out their 3G networks.
  • About us

    Publications › Other -
    BIPT is the federal regulatory body charged with the regulation of the electronic communications market, the postal market, the electromagnetic spectrum of radio frequencies and the radio and television broadcasting in the Brussels capital region.
  • Communication regarding the monitoring of net neutrality in Belgium (period from 1 May 2022 to 30 April 2023)

    Publications › Communication -
    In this seventh annual report the BIPT describes all activities it carried out in the field of net neutrality during the period from 1 May 2022 until 30 April 2023 included.
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