• Decision of 8 march 2022 concerning the granting to Flash Services Belgium S.A. of user rights for the operation of a public radio communications network

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    On 9 December 2021, Flash Services Belgium N.V. registered with BIPT as an operator.
  • Communication of 15 March 2022 regarding the temporary use of the short code 1212 by SMS to support humanitarian aid to Ukraine

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    On 14 March 2022, BIPT received a request from Telenet Group NV to use the number 1212 to send donations via SMS in the context of a special broadcast on Dutch-language channels SBS, VRT and VTM, with the aim of raising money for the benefit of Consortium 12-12.
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    The recognised training centres are the following:

  • Decision of 24 February 2022 on the location and manner of execution of work on the Telenet network

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    After having examined the complaint the BIPT concludes that Telenet has acted correctly in the sense of the Act of 1991 and is allowed to start the work proposed.
  • ERGP supports European postal operators’ initiatives to help Ukrainian citizens and invites them to take further action

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    The European Group of Postal Regulators (ERGP), which represents the independent postal regulators of the European Union, is extremely concerned about the humanitarian situation in Ukraine caused by the invasion of the Russian Federation troops.
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    Fixed-term or permanent? 

    Check whether you have a permanent contract or not: this is also specified on your invoice.

    An operator is not allowed to charge anything for the termination of a contract

    • If you have a permanent contract;
    • If your fixed-term contract started at least six months ago.


    You have acquired a device by way of a conditional sale?

    Good to know: If you have acquired a free or bargain price device (e.g. a mobile phone or a tablet) from your operator, he can demand an extra compensation. Even if you have signed a permanent contract. Or if you do not cancel the contract before six months have passed.  

    hat extra compensation must not exceed the value stated in a repayment table annexed to the contract. 

    If you look in that table at the month you are in you can see what extra compensation is due.

    After 24 months an operator is not allowed to charge any compensation for the device anymore. 

    More info:

    The basis of the calculation that the operator should have made for you is a monthly depreciation of the device. Each month, until month 24 the same amount should be subtracted from the residual value of that device. 

    We illustrate this below in case of a permanent contract.

    You have entered into a permanent contract. When you signed the contract, you “bought” the device for € 1.

    The repayment table annexed to the contract is shown below:

    Month Residual value Month Residual value
    0 € 240 13 € 110
    1 € 230 14 € 100
    2 € 220 15 € 90
    3 € 210 16 € 80
    4 € 200 17 € 70
    5 € 190 18 € 60
    6 € 180 19 € 50
    7 € 170 20 € 40
    8 € 160 21 € 30
    9 € 150 22 € 20
    10 € 140 23 € 10
    11 € 130 24 € 0

    You decide to terminate the contract after 8 months: the operator can then ask a compensation of € 160.

    In case of a fixed-term contract your operator has to compare the device's residual value calculated as mentioned above with the remaining subscription fees until the end of the contract (for consumers this does not exceed 2 years).

    If this balance of subscription fees is lower than the value obtained through the monthly depreciation, the operator may charge only the remaining subscription fees and not the entire residual value of the device.


    Use of Easy Switch

    Please use the Easy Switch procedure if you want to switch bundles completely.

    The new operator will handle the entire transfer for you!

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    You have an e-mail address without a domain name from your current telecoms operator

    For instance: you have your own domain name (jean@dupont.be) or you use a Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo... address.

    You can always keep that e-mail address.


    You have an e-mail address with a domain name from your current telecoms operator

    For instance: jean.dupont@skynet.be, jean.dupont@telenet.be...

    You can keep that e-mail address for 18 months. This service is free but you have to request it before the end of your subscription. During that period, you can share your new e-mail address with your contacts. Your operator must offer you one of the following options:

    •    Keep on using your previous e-mail address for 18 months.
    •    Immediately close your previous e-mail address and forward the e-mails sent to the previous address to the new one for 18 months.

    After this 18-month period, the operator may offer the possibility to keep these facilities, but upon your request and against payment. 

  • Contract Summary

    The consumer (or any company or non-profit organisation which does not exceed the yearly average of 49 employees) must receive a summary of the contract at the latest before the conclusion of the contract.
  • More clarity on unlimited surfing

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    The BIPT has published guidelines to clarify the use of the term “unlimited internet”
  • Communication of 21 February 2022 regarding Guidelines for the provision of “unlimited” Internet

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    The BIPT is publishing guidelines to throw some light on the use of the term “unlimited Internet”.
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