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  • Bpost network

    Bpost’s office network consists of a comprehensive network of postal service points comprising: post offices: postal stops postal points
  • BIPT

    BIPT is the federal regulatory body responsible for regulating the electronic communications market, the postal market, the electromagnetic spectrum of radio frequencies and the radio and television broadcasting in the Brussels-Capital Region.
  • Social tariff

    The social tariff is a discount granted by operators on the fixed telephony bill or the fixed Internet bill. To benefit from this social tariff, certain conditions have to be met. Applications for the social tariff need to be submitted to your operator. BIPT may contact in writing the applicant for further information.
  • National restrictions

    The information available on the packaging shall allow the identification of the Member States where national restrictions exist.
  • Equipment bought abroad and/or on the Internet

    Radio equipment that is placed on the EU market is presumed to meet the requirements. Market surveillance authorities such as BIPT ensure that only the radio equipment that is in conformity is placed on the market. However, the buyer must always be careful and check if the equipment he or she buys bears the CE marking and comes with the EU declaration of conformity of the manufacturer. If you buy equipment outside the European market, you may be considered as an importer. In that case, you must guarantee that the equipment is destined for the EU market and that it is in conformity with all the legal requirements.
  • Drones

    In addition to those regarding radiocommunications, the use of drones is subject to other rules.
  • Duration of the contract

    The telecom operator cannot offer you a subscription for more than 24 months. Is a 24-month subscription offered to you? Then you may ask the operator to limit the subscription to 12 months.
  • Fraudulent text messages & calls

    The purpose of a fraudulent SMS or call is, via a vague message or a dropped call, to have you call a premium rate number in Belgium or abroad. If you do not know the number, check its structure before calling it back or do not call back. Be careful!
  • Consumption management

    In fixed telephony, you generally pay a subscription to the operator's network as well as national (fixed and mobile) and international calls, either during fixed or peak hours. In mobile telephony, you can use a prepaid card, pay a flat rate or pay only for calls actually made. We invite you to find out about your real consumption profile available on the customer area that your operator makes available to its subscribers on its website and to use it manually or automatically in, our price comparison tool.
  • International calls & SMS

    We talk about international communications when you call (with your fixed or mobile telephone) or send an SMS message from Belgium, to a foreign destination. Beware! Do not confuse international communications with roaming, i.e. the use of your Belgian subscription/prepaid card when travelling abroad. This distinction is important because national tariffs are applicable to roaming in the EU (and Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein). This is not the case for international communications to EU Member States (and Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein) the price of which is capped but higher than national tariffs.

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