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  • The Council

    The Council is composed of four members, i.e. one chairman and three are ordinary members. They are appointed by the King for a six-year term.
  • Useful tools

    In order to help users choose powerful services at the best possible terms and conditions where they need them, BIPT has developed several useful tools
  • Net neutrality

    Net neutrality refers to a set of rules aiming at ensuring equal treatment of the information flow on the internet.
  • Choosing your Internet connection

    What factors should be considered when choosing an offer?  Your available budget;  The desired connection speed;  The desired data volume (limited or unlimited volume);  The cost of the download volume that is not included in the offer (price beyond the allowance for offers with a limited volume);   The desired technology (Xdsl, cable, satellite, mobile);   Standalone offer or offer included in a bundle;   The providers that are available for the connection location (fixed Internet);  The quality of the customer service of the chosen provider.
  • Bundles

    A bundle or pack is a commercial offer including at least two separate telecommunications services. There is no single answer to “is a bundle more advantageous?”
  • Frequency plan

    BIPT is in charge of: managing the radio frequency spectrum; examining requests for use of radio frequency spectrum, with the exception of requests destined for radio and television broadcasting; coordinating the radio frequencies, both on national and on international level; monitoring the use of spectrum.
  • You are entitled to clear information

    Are you getting a subscription for a fixed line, a mobile phone, Internet or a bundle including mobile telephony, Internet and television? Or are you buying a prepaid card? In these cases your telecom operator has to provide you with information.
  • You are entitled to an invoice

    You are entitled to: an invoice, delivered free of charge at least 4 times a year a free and detailed invoice. Describing your calls and your Internet consumption in detail. You request this invoice when you do not agree with the amount you have to pay.
  • Forbidden and/or special equipment

    Importing, marketing, owning, possessing or using jammers is forbidden in Belgium. Placing them on the EU market is also forbidden. Speed radar detectors and TETRA detectors are also radio signal receivers. Using, owning, possessing, importing, selling or even advertising speed radar detectors or TETRA detectors is forbidden in Belgium. You can buy and possess a scanner or receiver. However, you can only listen to the frequencies for which you have received the owner’s authorisation or which can be listened to freely.
  • Missions

    Electronic communications, postal services and media in the Brussels-Capital Region are BIPT’s main fields of activity. For each of them, the regulatory action of BIPT is based on six basic objectives.

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