The BIPT has reviewed the methodology and profiles used within the framework of the national and international price comparisons.

The methodology now uses household profiles to account for this diversity of uses and preferences.

It takes as its point of departure the consumers’ needs, which will be portrayed based on a dozen households with sufficiently differentiated profiles to give a broad and varied perspective on the market following 3 necessity levels (“must have”, “not wanted at all”, “not a must but might have”).

This method has the advantage of “speaking the language of the consumer” and its logic is thus based on the follow-up of the minimum spending of an informed consumer to cover his or her telecoms needs while specifying the different types of solutions offered on the Belgian or international residential market, based on the type of study (national or international).

There are three steps when analysing the solutions given to the different profiles:

  1. Overview of the possible types of solutions to meet the studied profile;
  2. Overview of the cheapest offers to meet the profile per operator;
  3. Cheapest offers meeting the profile per type of solution. For each of these 10 profiles defined by the BIPT the cheapest offer is finally presented, among all operators and types of solutions. 

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