An operator has to pay fees to the BIPT following his notification. There are two types of fees: a one-time fee to cover the notification costs and an annual fee to cover the management costs. 

What are the notification costs?

A first notification requires the payment of two fees:

A registration fee: a basic amount for a notified network or service or double the fixed amount for a combination of at least two notified networks and/or services.

1. Registration fees Amounts 2024
1 x public electronic communications network € 876
1 x electronic communications service € 876
Bundled notification (= as of 2 services/networks) € 1,752
Non-profit service or network € 161
Other service or network € 161
Bundled notification € 321

The annual fee is calculated proportionally, by twelfths, including the month during which the request has been made to BIPT, and rounded up to the superior unit.

What is the amount of the annual fee?

The annual fee is calculated based on the relevant turnover made during the year preceding the billing year concerned. If the telecommunication activities are operated on a non-profit basis, the fee is a fixed amount and the turnover must still be declared. If you do not record any turnover (or have not recorded any turnover yet), but are still registered as an operator, the absence of turnover must also be declared.

Annual administrative fee Amounts 2024
 Non-profit service or network
 € 401
2023 turnover  
€ 0 =< Turnover < € 1,000,000 € 818
€ 1,000,000 < Turnover <= €5,000,000 €12,028
€ 5,000,000 < Turnover <= €10,000,000 €24,056
€ 10,000,000 < Turnover <= €50,000,000 €40,093
€ 50,000,000 < Turnover < €1,000,000,000 €120,278
Turnover > €1,000,000,000 €240,555

During the first year of notification, the amount of this fee is calculated as a pro rata of the number of the remaining months of the year, the notification month being taken into account as a full month.

What is the legal framework for these fees?

The Royal Decree of 7 March 2007 on the notification of electronic communications services and networks and the Act of 21 March 1991 on the reform of certain economic public companies form the legal basis..


You can contact us by telephone at the following number 02/226 89 32 (+32 2 226 89 32), by e-mail, or by post at the following address IBPT, Networks & Services Department, Boulevard du Roi Albert II, 35 box 1, 1030 Brussels.

What other possible costs are there?


On this page you will find a survey of the costs and fees for the use of numbering capacity in Belgium.

For connection to the CRDC (central reference database for number portability) an operator has to pay regulated contributions to the non-profit organisation Number Portability.

More info is available in the Rights and obligations section under the card: “Supporting number portability and Easy Switch processes”

Financing of the Office of the Ombudsman

The operators shall fund the necessary resources for the functioning of the Office of the Ombudsman .  

Every year, the BIPT determines the amount of mediation fee for each company concerned. 

The amount corresponds to the amount of the financial means necessary for the operation of the Office of the Ombudsman, multiplied by a coefficient equal to each company’s share in the turnover achieved by all companies concerned recorded during the previous year for the activities falling within the competence of the Office of the Ombudsman.

The first bracket of 1,240,000 EUR of turnover of each company is not taken into account for the calculation of the fee. Declaration form.

You will find more information in the "Rights and obligations" section of the card Financing of the Office of the Ombudsman  for Telecommunicationsd.

Emergency services Fund

The “fund for emergency services providing on-site assistance” is the legal person verifying the costs of the emergency services providing on-site assistance, recovers them from the operators concerned and channels them to the emergency services providing on-site assistance. You will find more information here, more specifically as to how the Fund determines the costs due by each operator.

Finally you will find the annual user fees for frequencies below: 

  Non indexed Indexed (2023)
Fee per MHz 700MHz € 91 200,00 € 112 500,00
Fee per MHz 800MHz € 87 500,00 € 112 500,00
Fee per MHz 900MHz € 91 200,00 € 112 500,00
Fee per MHz 1400MHz € 50 000,00 € 61 700,00
Fee per MHz 1800MHz € 50 000,00 € 61 700,00
Fee per MHz 2100MHz € 50 000,00 € 61 700,00
Fee per MHz 2600MHz € 26 000,00 € 36 600,00
Fee per MHz 3600MHz 10 000,00 € 12 400,00

More information regarding frequencies and user rights can be found on this page.

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