In the context of its task to enhance competition in the electronic communications sector, the BIPT regularly conducts market analyses that may result in obligations for operators with a dominant market position. How such a market analysis process works, is explained here.

Telephony market

Within the framework of its market analyses regarding fixed and mobile call termination, the BIPT has imposed upon operators which have significant market power (operators which have fixed or mobile numbers) on these markets the obligation to provide access and interconnection services for call termination on their respective networks (throughout Belgium).

Here you will find a concise sheet about the reference offers on telephony.

Broadband and broadcasting market

To enhance competition, the CRC (which brings the BIPT and the media regulators together) imposed several obligations via the decisions of 29 June 2018 upon operators with significant market power, i.e. Proximus, Telenet, Brutélé and Voo SA. These decisions concern the relevant wholesale markets for broadband access as well as the television broadcasting market.

You will find below a table containing every possibility to enter the Belgian broadband and broadcasting market. You will find more information on the reference offers for these markets via the links below.

Warning: these sheets have been drafted to provide general information to the (candidate) operator; they do not replace the operators’ reference offers.

Via Proximus (national) Via Telenet, Brutélé and Voo SA (regional)
Regulated offers
Local access  
Duct sharing (PRODA)  
Copper unbundling (BRUO)  
Unbundling fibre in wavelength (1)  
VULA copper or fibre (2)  
Central access Central access
Bitstream over copper (Bitstream xDSL) (2) Bitstream over coaxial network
Bitstream over fibre (Bitstream Fiber GPON) (2)  
  Access to broadcasting services
  Access to the analogue television offer
  Access to the digital television platform
Commercial offers
Wholesale Internet service (xDSL and GPON)  
Carrier Services (xDSL and GPON)  

(1) Availability depending on the existence of a reasonable request and with a maximum implementation period of 12 months.
(2) May include, depending on the situation, a multicast functionality or the sharing of the IPTV platform.

Furthermore, each operator with significant market power must negotiate in good faith when receiving access requests falling outside the framework of the regulated reference offers.

High-quality connectivity market

High-quality connectivity is more particularly intended for companies. It is based on the SDH, WDM and Ethernet technologies. Several obligations were imposed upon Proximus within this market via the BIPT Council Decision of 13 December 2019. These obligations are subject to a geographical differentiation, depending on the presence of alternative infrastructure.

Here you will find a concise sheet about the reference offer BrotsoLL.

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