Since 1 January 2011, the Belgian postal market has been fully opened to competition. In November 2014, BIPT, wishing to review the situation after three years of postal liberalisation, entrusted an external consultant, WIK-Consult GmbH, with the task of drawing up a report aiming at comparing the market situation before and after its liberalisation, assessing the impact of the opening to competition and identifying possible remaining barriers in the Belgian postal market. Based on the economic analysis of the Belgian postal market during the
2011-2014 period as well as the analysis of the current regulatory framework, and comparing the Belgian results to those of other European countries, WIK draws a series of conclusions leading to recommendations. The analysis carried out by WIK as well as the ensuing conclusions and recommendations are included in the enclosed report 'Review of the postal market three years after full market opening on 1 January 2011'. It should be noted that the opinions and proposals expressed in this study are only those of the authors.

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