Article 126 of the Act of 13 June 2015 on electronic communications, completed by the Royal Decree of 19 September 2013 obliges certain operators to retain identification data, mainly for the benefit of judicial authorities.

Once per year these operators have to provide BIPT with statistics on the access to those data by virtue of that Decree.

These statistics are then integrated in an official report that is transmitted to the Minister of Justice and the Minister in charge of electronic communications.

With a view to transparency towards the public, BIPT publishes a consolidated public version of that report which includes the statistics of all operators for the year 2017 on its website.

By giving preference to a consolidated and validated communication of the results of the entire sector, by acting out its role as a third-party confidential advisor, bestowed upon BIPT by law, the latter wishes to provide the transparency required to keep the end-user’s trust in the electronic communications services at a high level.

This way we also avoid the burden that would befall each operator to have to communicate his own statistics individually, the hypotheses of which would perhaps differ from one operator to another.

This includes:

  • the numbers regarding the requests by administrations for the year 2017;
  • the number of data transmitted;
  • the numbers regarding the deadlines following which these data have been collected;
  • the requests that have remained unanswered.

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