In the context of its latest analysis of the broadband and broadcasting markets, the CRC has imposed a remedy for access to (sections of) ducts of the FTTH GPON network of Proximus.

The remedy concerns the (sections of) ducts when the end users are connected by such ducts from end to end.

We hereby invite you to react to the proposal formulated by Proximus on 26 September and 11 October 2019 regarding the reference offer for duct access 'Proximus Reference Offer for Duct Access in GPON Underground Deployments'.

Moreover the BIPT wishes to draw attention to the following points:

1. The Proximus’ reference offer proposal does not provide a tool for an alternative operator to quickly assess where ducts may be available (although a procedure is foreseen in the reference offer to check actual availability). A possible alternative is to combine the information that Proximus publishes on its website, i.e. the geographic polygons where FTTH is deployed, with a tool such as Google Maps to judge whether the deployment took place underground or on facade. Do you consider this solution sufficient for such an initial assessment, and if not, what additional information is needed?

2. The Proximus’ reference offer proposal does not include access to ducts in the feeder network (i.e. between the LEXs and the OFPs). Proximus states that the availability of these ducts varies greatly depending on the type of feeder duct and the period in which they were installed, and that the processes for access to the ducts in the feeder network are different from the access to GPON SRV ducts in the distribution network. What is your opinion about the access to the ducts in the feeder network?

3. The reference offer proposal does not provide access to the drop fiber. According to Proximus, this kind of access would not be possible because there are no free inputs / outputs available on the DTP to make this drop fiber available to a beneficiary operator. What is your opinion about this?

The BIPT wishes to emphasize that this reference offer is a proposal from Proximus, also regarding the tariffs.

Reactions to this proposal are expected:

    by e-mail to;
    by 21 February 6 march 2020 at the latest;
    Please make sure that the subject mentions at least the reference “CONSULT-2020-A3 / 20-0041”;
    Please clearly identify any confidential information.

Laurence Hoflack (+32 2 226 87 81) will gladly answer your questions on this consultation.


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