In the context of its latest analysis of the market for call termination on the public telephone network provided at a fixed location, the BIPT has imposed as transparency remedy in its decision of 20 November 2018 to Proximus the publication of a reference offer for IP interconnect.

On 20 February 2019, BIPT launched the first pre-consultation of this draft reference offer (CONSULT-2019-B2). Following this pre-consultation, BIPT organized a national consultation of its draft decision on Proximus's IP interconnection reference offer, from 28 august to 30 September 2019.

Following this consultation, Proximus wanted to submlt a new adapted version of its reference offer "PRIO" to BIPT for approval.

We hereby invite you to react to the proposal formulated by Proximus on 27 Januari 2020 regarding the reference offer for IP interconnection 'Proximus Reference Interconnect Offer'.

The documents subject to consultation are the “VoIP Interconnection offer”, the “Annex 2: Pricing” and the “Annex 3: Planning and Operations”.

If any information is missing in these documents, BIPT asks you to contact your contact person at Proximus and to notify the Institute as well.

This step should enable BIPT to collect the reactions and possible remarks of the recipients which are necessary to draft a formal decision, based on the draft reference offer under consultation.

Reactions to this proposal are expected:

  • by e-mail to;
  • by 14 28 February 2020 at the latest;
  • please make sure that the subject mentions at least the reference “CONSULT-2020-A4”;
  • please clearly identify any confidential information. Christophe Vermeulen (+32 2 226 8787) will gladly answer your questions on this consultation.

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