In 2023 Fluvius and Telenet put up their cable network in the infrastructure company Wyre, established by them. 

The market for central access through the cable network is subject to a sectoral ex ante regulation, in accordance with the CRC Decision of 29 June 2018 on the analysis of the broadband and television broadcasting markets. On that market, Telenet was designated as a company with significant market power. Now that Wyre has taken over the cable network, the obligations regarding access, transparency, non-discrimination and price control to which Telenet was subjected, also apply to Wyre.

The transparency obligation provides for the preparation of a reference offer. The purpose of this preliminary consultation is to invite stakeholders to respond to Wyre's proposal of a reference offer. Following an evaluation of the responses received in the framework of this preliminary consultation, the BIPT has the possibility to prepare a draft decision with a view to the analysis and approval of that offer. 

Wyre’s draft reference offer is available below.

How to react to this document?

  • Until 15th September 2023
  • Only by email to 
  • With the reference “Consult-2023-C5”
  • Contact person: Thomas Gille ( & Benoit Latré (
  • Please attach this cover form to your response.
  • Your comments should refer to the paragraphs and/or sections they relate to, and confidential parts should be clearly indicated.

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