On the proposal of the Minister of Telecommunications, the go-ahead was given in October 2021 for the launch of a national plan for fixed and mobile broadband (hereinafter “broadband plan”). This plan contains a specific axis regarding the boosting of investment in white areas through financial support to operators.

The broadband plan should be viewed within the context of the achievement of the European Connectivity Goals, in particular the objective that every household in the Union should have access to Internet connections with a download speed of at least 100 Mbit/s, upgradable to gigabit speeds, by 2025.

The broadband plan was the subject of an initial call for projects launched in December 2022. Taking into account the importance of that plan and given that the first project call did not result in the widespread introduction of support measures for investment in white areas, a new project call is being launched.

This consultation is not a call for projects. With a view to preparing a new call for projects, it aims to collect comments on the following elements:

  • the elements specified in sections 2 and 3 of this document;
  • the lists annexed to this document regarding the primary and secondary sectors. In particular, operators are asked what their investment intentions are in the statistical sectors included in these lists.

How to reply to this document? 

  • Until 28 31 May 2023 
  • Only by email to consultation.sg@bipt.be
  • With the reference “Consult-2023-B3” 
  • Contact person: Sven Homan, Engineer-Advisor (0474 94 96 94) 
  • Please attach the cover form to your answer. 
  • Your comments should refer to the paragraphs and/or sections they relate to, and confidential parts

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