On 7 July 2017 BIPT published its draft decision regarding the analysis of the broadband and television broadcasting markets which it submits for consultation, in accordance with Articles 139 and 140 of the Act of 13 June 2005 regarding electronic communications according to the following terms and conditions.

For reactions to the consultation Deadline: until 29 september 2017

Reactions by e-mail: To: consultation.sg@bipt.be

Regards: shall at least mention the reference “CONSULT-2017-B8 ”

Contact person: Vincent HANCHIR, Chief Economist, +32 2 226 87 78;vincent.hanchir@bipt.be Replies shall be sent electronically to the address mentioned.

Please use the specific form which you will find at the following address as your front page: http://www.ibpt.be/en/operators/telecommunication/Markets/form-to-be-used-as-front-page-when-answering-a-public-consultation-organised-by-bipt

Confidential parts in the document should be indicated clearly. BIPT would also like the remarks to include a reference to the paragraphs and/or parts they relate to.

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