The postal market has been fully liberalised since 1 January 2011.

In order to carry out a first assessment of the perception that private and business users have of the quality and services of postal operators in an environment completely open to competition, Phonecom has been assigned by BIPT the task of conducting a double phone survey.

This survey aimed at determining the behaviour of private as well as business users regarding the sending and receiving of mail, registered items and parcels, and their priorities concerning these types of items.

The results of the survey carried out between July and August 2013 confirm the erosion of sent and received mail volumes, with the exception of the undertakings which receive more mail than before. The volumes of parcels and registered items are stable for private users but rising for undertakings.

As for the global satisfaction concerning bpost services, it remains stable, at a level of 75% among the respondents. Furthermore, 85% of the respondents claim they are still customers of bpost for all the products despite liberalisation.

The survey also confirms the evolution trend towards digital mail, as undertakings consider 50% of their paper mail could be replaced by digital mail in a more or less close future.

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