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In this report BIPT sets out its findings regarding the investigation and the analysis of Proximus’ offers in which zero rating is applied.

In the case of zero rating the Internet Service Provider does not consider the data traffic of a specific application or category of applications for the data limit.

This results in free data for this specific application or category of applications.

In Proximus’ offers, launched on 17 October 2016, customers get zero rating for one favourite app they have to pick from a list of 6 possible applications: Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter or Pokémon Go.

BIPT’s first finding is that Proximus doesn’t discriminate (in the sense of the European Regulation regarding open Internet access) between the chosen favourite app and the remaining data traffic when the surf volume included in the allowance is exhausted.

Next BIPT concludes, in an analysis that was recommended in the BEREC Guidelines (the European umbrella for telecom regulators), that there are no elements at the moment indicating that the zero rating of apps by Proximus endangers the Internet users’ rights to consult information and content freely, to share it and to use and provide the applications and services of their choice.

BIPT nevertheless continues to monitor the numbers regarding the offers of Proximus and the use of apps and will continue to monitor the operators attitude towards open Internet access.

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