The BIPT is publishing the third annual report on the monitoring of net neutrality in Belgium.

Some highlights:

  • This past year the BIPT rolled out important projects regarding the measurement of the quality of experience of the Internet access service. For example, the BIPT launched a crowdsourcing application that allows to measure the quality of experience in the field by way of the users. The BIPT also published on its new data portal the results of drive tests carried out with BIPT measuring vehicles.
  • Zero-rating was mainly monitored in the period from 01 May 2018 to 30 April 2019, generally without there appearing to be a reason for intervention. There were two cases (zero-rating with Epic and during Belgian Red Devils matches during the 2018 WC) that the BIPT thought it was necessary to intervene, both times with regard to Proximus.
  • No cases of blocking services or applications in the network have been found.
  • As for end-users’ choic the mobile data volumes included in the ISP offers have again increased, in order to set off the increasing mobile data traffic.

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