Press release/Statement of public position - 8 March 2022

The European Group of Postal Regulators (ERGP), which represents the independent postal regulators of the European Union, is extremely concerned about the humanitarian situation in Ukraine caused by the invasion of the Russian Federation troops.

The ERGP welcomes the voluntary initiatives by the European postal sector to enable and facilitate delivery of medicine and humanitarian aid to the Ukrainian population in Ukraine or in the refugee-designated areas of the neighboring territories. The ERGP supports initiatives to find and develop alternative postal solutions to help the Ukrainian people and urges all postal operators in Europe to take further action.

It is crucial that the delivery of postal items containing humanitarian aid to Ukrainian citizens is facilitated in this time of need. The ERGP calls on postal operators to lower or abolish fees charged by them for sending parcels, including individual postal items, containing medicine and humanitarian aid to Ukraine.
NCEC, the Ukrainian postal regulator, informed ERGP in this context that Ukrposhta would not charge for the delivery on the territory of Ukraine of the postal items containing aid and delivered free-of-charge by other national postal operators.

All national regulatory authorities which are ERGP members commit to convey this appeal to all postal operators active on their respective territory, and to assist them in their effort to ease parcel delivery and postal communications with the Ukrainian citizens.

About the ERGP

The ERGP (European Regulators Group for Postal Services) is composed of the 27 national regulatory authorities (NRAs) for postal services of the EU, as well as national regulatory authorities from countries of the European Economic Area and countries with candidate status to join the EU. The ERGP advises and assists the Commission on the development of the internal market for postal services and on the consistent application in all Member States of the regulatory framework for postal services.

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