In recent years, a migration to IP-based interconnection has been initiated for both fixed and mobile networks. In this context, the Telenet Group has made adjustments to its reference offer for interconnection with its mobile network.

We hereby invite you to react to the reference offer for IP interconnection 'Mobile IP Reference Interconnect Offer'. 

Would any information be missing in this document, BIPT asks you to contact your contact person at Telenet Group and to notify BIPT as well.

This step should enable BIPT to collect the reactions and possible remarks of the recipients which are necessary to draft a formal decision on this matter.

Reactions to this proposal are expected: 

  • Until 12 August 16 September 2022
  • Only by email to
  • With the reference “Consult-2022-C7”
  • Contact person: Christophe Vermeulen (+32 2 226 87 87), Engineer-Advisor
  • Please attach this cover form to your response.
  • Your comments should refer to the paragraphs and/or sections they relate to, and confidential parts should be clearly indicated.

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