In 2021, two joint ventures were created by Proximus, with EQT Infrastructure on the one side and Eurofiber on the other side. The purpose of these two companies, named Fiberklaar and Unifiber, is to deploy a passive point-to-point FTTH network in the northern and southern parts of the country respectively and to provide a passive access to that network.

The local access market is subject to an ex-ante sector regulation, pursuant the CRC decision of 29 June 2018 on the analysis of the broadband and television broadcasting market. On this market, Proximus has been designated as an operator with significant market power. The access, transparency, non-discrimination and price control obligations imposed upon it also concern both joint ventures as affiliated companies (co-)controlled by Proximus.

The transparency obligation lays down the drafting of a reference offer. In this context, the BIPT has requested Fiberklaar and Unifiber to draft such reference offers.

The purpose of this prior consultation is to invite the stakeholders to react to the draft reference offer of Fiberklaar.

In a second stage, a decision to analyse and approve this offer will be drafted by the BIPT based among other things on remarks formulated in the context of this prior consultation. 

The BIPT would like to emphasise that the tariff aspects will be the subject of a separate process. Thus this consultation only targets the qualitative aspects of the reference offer. The price list may however be requested to Fiberklaar, with the BIPT in copy.

The draft reference offer of Fiberklaar is available below. 

A separate prior consultation on the offer of Unifiber is also organised by the BIPT 

How to react to this document?

  • Until 15 April 29 April 2022
  • Only by email to 
  • With the reference “Consult-2022- B5”
  • Contact person: Martin Dorme, Senior Engineer-Advisor (+32 2 226 87 06)
  • Please attach this cover form to your response.
  • Your comments should refer to the paragraphs and/or sections they relate to, and confidential parts should be clearly indicated.

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